Made in Sweden for the Nordic climate

Swedish Hot Tubs AB was established in 2014, but our journey began much earlier. Since 2000, we have been developing and manufacturing products for the hot tub industry. Today we offer a wide range of mainly hot tubs and terrace pools, but also larger pools of high quality. Over the years, thousands of Swedes have created their own oases in connection with their homes with the help of our wonderful hot tubs.

Our products are the result of a love of Swedish nature, extensive knowledge of manufacturing and materials and a desire to constantly improve. With Swedish hot tubs you get a wonderful luxury in everyday life.

bathing in a hot tub close to nature

Sustainable hot tubs made in our factory in Gävle, Sweden

All development and manufacturing takes place in our own factory in Gävle. We see each hot tub as a craft and attach great importance to good design and choice of materials. A hot tub from us is made with comfort and functionality in focus, developed to last for many relaxing moments outdoors in our Nordic climate. Each piece of panel is individually treated before being assembled to provide the best possible protection against the elements.

As true nature lovers, we are committed to promoting environmentally friendly solutions in our hot tub production. We believe that caring for our environment is linked to the experience of sitting in a hot tub in nature. Therefore, our hot tubs are 100% recyclable and produced according to sustainable principles. Since we are both the manufacturer and distributor of the products we sell, we can also keep our prices down as we avoid expensive intermediaries.

Who are we and what is our vision?

Swedish Hot Tubs' vision is to inspire and enable people to create their own relaxing and luxurious oases in harmony with nature.
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