Made in Sweden for the Nordic climate

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Pamper yourself and take your garden to a new level with our stainless steel hot tubs.

Our range of stainless steel hot tubs is designed for those looking for the ultimate in bathing, where every dip is a moment of pure luxury and relaxation.

Our stainless steel hot tubs are not only an investment in style, but also in flexibility. Easy to integrate into your garden, can be built in or why not sink into your terrace or patio. These unique, well thought-out and Swedish-made hot tubs are designed to withstand all of Sweden’s seasons, making them the perfect choice for a year-round spa experience.

Delivery time
Baths are made to order and the normal lead time is 6-8 weeks.
Swedish-made in the highest quality
Developed and designed by us. Manufactured in our factory in Gävle.
 Highest material quality
The baths are made from 4404 acid-proof stainless steel, simply sustainable.
First-class filtration system
Premium filtration system with UV, ozone, filter system, 6 kW heater, WiFi and the latest resistive touch display from Balboa included.
5 Standard designs
5 different sizes, contact us if you have requests for a specially designed hot tub.

  • Frame in Eps insulation

  • Stainless steel bath

  • Stainless steel skimmer and inlet and outlet

  • Insulated lid

  • Coarse strainer for suction

  • Four slimlight lamps in stainless steel

Technical specification

  • Room for

    4-14 persons
  • Outer diameter

    200x200 - 240x300 cm
  • Weight

    ca 180 - 280 kg
  • Volume

    2000 - 3500 L
  • Bath depth

    102 cm


Eps insulation The entire bath is surrounded by at least 10 cm thick insulation, designed to give you an unparalleled heat retention effect. Whatever the outside temperature, you will be able to enjoy your bath in an inviting and comfortable environment. Our philosophy goes beyond just the design of the bath - it's about offering a complete and flawless experience. Your bath is delivered fully insulated, and you don't have to worry about additional support. Simply put, all you need is a flat and stable surface to create your own haven of relaxation. Stainless steel bath Our spa bath is carefully crafted and made from high quality 4404 grade acid-resistant stainless steel. The bath is laser welded for a strong construction with no visible welds. The brushed shiny surface gives a stylish finish. The bath is complete with a stainless steel skimmer and inlet for a durable and functional design. Design Coarse screen for suction Prevents leaves and bath toys from getting stuck in the purification system. The lid The lid is shaped, with a core of heavy insulation to keep the heat in the water even during the cold winters. The lid is reinforced and covered in fine anthracite gray vinyl. The lid has straps with associated brackets and locks, the locks have a two-digit code lock. The lock and brackets are mounted with the supplied screws.

Stainless spa

Out for delivery within 6-8 weeks


13 100 £

Design your stainless spa



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