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Terrace pools

Create your perfect bath by choosing the heating that suits you.

The swimming school

Maximize your bathing experience, become an expert with our swimming school.

Terrace pool - a luxurious asset for your garden

Complete terrace pools ready to be installed and built into your terrace. There’s room for the whole family and friends to swim and socialize all year round. Whether you’re looking for a wood-fired, gas-heated or electrically heated pool, you’ll soon find the right one among our self-made terrace pools.

Building your very own terrace oasis is easy. We’ll show you how to assemble the pool and give you good advice on how to use it. Once completed, you can gather friends and enjoy swimming outdoors on cold winter evenings and cool summer nights, year after year.

There are few things as wonderful as being warmed by perfectly tempered water under the stars.

piscine en terrasse chauffée électriquement
terrace pool for the whole family

Build a bathing area with a ready-made terrace pool

A terrace pool is not only great for cold winter nights and chilly fall evenings. You can also enjoy a cool swim in your terrace pool on hot summer days. In other words, you can really use your terrace pool all year round. With the right insulation and disinfectant, you will also save on heating costs and water.

Consider the following when installing a terrace pool:

  • The terrace pool needs a support, buy the bath with our insulation that provides the right support or build your own with the help of our drawings.
  • Make sure that the surface of the pool is stable and level, with gravel, paving stones or a cast plate underneath.
  • Buy our ready-made insulation packages or insulate it yourself, this way you will keep the heat longer in winter and reduce the cost of heating.
  • If you choose a wood-fired terrace pool, think about where the stove is placed when it gets hot.
  • How do you want to drain the terrace pool? The easiest way is with a submersible pump, but if you want a drain in the terrace pool, you can buy one.

The dream of a pool that both cools and warms can come true. Find your favorite terrace pool with us, build it in and enjoy outdoor swimming for years to come.

High quality in-house manufactured

When you want to make something really good, you have to do it yourself. We manufacture everything ourselves and offer a wide range of accessories.

With long experience and knowledge of materials that really last, we make sure your terrace pool is just as durable, comfortable and high quality as you want it to be. We know what we’re doing and deliver terrace pools to satisfied customers all over Europe – every day.

Familietid i terrassebassenget
temps en famille dans la piscine en terrasse

Equip your terrace pool

Everyone wants the opportunity to customize and equip their terrace pool for a more personal touch, perfect for their own habits and preferences.

Our terrace pools are delivered as standard with the heating source of your choice, an insulated cover and the necessary hoses and connections. You then add the accessories you want to your terrace pool.

  • Order a personalized terrace pool, we have a wide range to meet your needs.
  • The pools are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • The inserts are made of hygienic polyethylene plastic, which is a durable material..

When you order a terrace pool package, you get all the parts quickly, both the pool itself and the necessary accessories. Choose between a wood-fired, electrically heated or gas oil heated terrace pool, if you are unsure which heating system is right for you, read more about the options here. Install a terrace pool now and enjoy a comfortable spa bath in your very own oasis – all year round.

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