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Which heating option is right for me?

Electricity, gas or wood?

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Electricity, gas or wood?

The heating option that suits you best depends on several factors.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do I want to swim?
  • How will the pool be used?
  • What access do I have to wood/gas/electricity?
  • How often do I have the opportunity to change the water?


If you want the ability to take a dip whenever you want, then the electric option is by far the best. The idea behind electric heating is that you can have a warm pool year-round. If you’re careful with insulation, the cost of electricity won’t feel like a big burden on your electricity bill.

Wood burning usually takes 2-4 hours (slightly longer for Pacific). If you enjoy wood burning, have access to a lot of wood or maybe want the hot tub at a cabin where you don’t have access to a lot of electricity, then these hot tubs are perfect. If you have access to seawater, you can simply fill up the pool, heat it up and empty it out when the stove has cooled down. If you use the hot tub this way, you don’t need to think about insulating the pool. If you don’t want to empty the pool after every use, you can always combine it with a purification system. The best option for wood-fired hot tubs is an Aquaclarus that hangs on the edge and purifies for a couple of hours after each use, then it is taken in after use. Combine this with a chlorine-free bactericidal agent and you can have the same bathwater for up to a month.

It is perfectly fine to keep the water in a wood-fired hot tub during winter. Insulate the pool well, preferably with our ready-made insulation packages for the best insulating effect. The water can remain frost-free for up to a month. During colder winters, you may need to maintain the fire once a week, so we recommend keeping an eye on the water. If you choose an external stove, you may need to disconnect the stove from the hot tub as the water in the stove freezes faster than in the hot tub. Therefore, we recommend choosing an internal stove if you want to keep the water in the hot tub during winter and have wood burning as the heating method. Note that no guarantees apply if something freezes, so keep an eye on the water so that it doesn’t freeze.

Propane gas is used in the same way as a wood stove, but without the smoke, which makes it suitable for densely populated areas. However, keeping the water during winter may be more inconvenient as you should not leave propane and the heater out in below-freezing temperatures.

3 or 6 kw electric heater?

We always recommend the 6 kW heater to anyone who has the possibility to use it. The 6 kW heater requires 16 A. If you do not have access to that much power, then 3 kW works for the Prime and Grand models (for Pacific, you may experience a drop in temperature with a 3 kW heater if it is cold outside). If you live in an area where it is often cold or if you know that you will want to swim a lot during the winter, you should keep in mind that it requires about 3.5 kW to maintain the temperature while you are swimming. This means that the pool may lose a bit of temperature while you are swimming if you choose the 3 kW heater.

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