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Hot tubs for Nordic climate

Do you want to be able to take a steaming hot outdoor bath all year round? Then one of our high-quality hot tubs is for you, manufactured in-house for the Nordic climate. We provide fast deliveries and always offer secure purchases.

You can place your new outdoor hot tub almost anywhere, in the garden, at the mountain cabin or at the seaside holiday home. Just fill it with water, friends and warmth. Wood crackling in the stove, the smell of snow in the air and a full moon in the sky – that’s all you need for a lovely evening.

Vildmarksbad til familien
die perfekte Badewanne für zwei

Choose between our different hot tubs

Our range of self-made outdoor pools includes hot tubs in various sizes, shapes and colors. In addition, there are many options of equipment and accessories that allow you to get personalized hot tubs, completely adapted to your wishes.

  • Decide on the color of the plastic insert in the hot tub.
  • Choose whether you want wood or gas heating.
  • Insulation for the tub is available.
  • Choose from models such as Comfort, Grand, Classic or Town.

Not only should it be nice to slip into the warm water after a long day with friends and family – it should also feel just right when it comes to equipment and accessories. In our online shop you’ll find everything from underwater lighting and filtration systems to stove accessories, steps and shelves. Hot tubs can be equipped to any level of sophistication, adding to the enjoyment and use of your outdoor pool.

Hot tubs adapted for the Nordic climate

If you want to keep the water in your outdoor pool for a longer period of time, it’s a good idea to insulate, especially in winter. The wooden panel insulates well on its own and the bottom of our hot tubs is fully covered for the best insulating effect. If you spend a lot of time bathing in winter, we can also offer additional insulation, so please ask us if this is a good option for you.

Most of the heat rises upwards, and there you can reduce heat loss by having an insulating lid. A lid is also perfect for shortening the heating time and protects against leaves and dirt that might otherwise fall into the pool.

Delivery to your home

We manufacture both hot tubs and several of the accessories in our shop in Gävle. You can pick up your tub or have it delivered to your home with a suitable shipping company. All delivery times stated are delivery times from our store to the shipping company.

  • Pay through paypal and get your product home.

We know our hot tubs will last, because we manufacture everything ourselves with quality down to the last detail. This also allows us to offer generous guarantees of three years on the plastic inserts and two years on the stoves, provided our hot tubs are used correctly and not affected by external causes.

Add a little extra sparkle to your life with us at Swedish Hot Tubs – order one of our hot tubs and prepare to bathe under the stars for many years to come.

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