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5 tips to reduce electricity consumption in your spa bath

Before winter, it is smart to think about how you can reduce the energy consumption of your terrace pool. Here are five simple tips that can help you save money and take care of the environment at the same time.

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Optimization of the filter cycles

Set the filter cycles during the hours when you have lower electricity prices. During the winter, you don’t have to have filter cycles as long as in the summer, so try to have the bath in just 3-4 hours of purification/day. Keep an eye on the hygiene of the water and adjust the hours if necessary.

Lower the temperature

Lower the temperature between baths if you don’t bathe very often during the winter. A well-insulated bath retains heat for a long time. If you only swim on weekends, you can lower the temperature to 26 degrees during the week and then raise it to swimming temperature in time for the weekend. A 6 kW heater heats approximately 2 degrees per hour.

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Ready and Rest mode

The default setting on your terrace pool is Ready mode. If you choose Rest mode, the bath will only heat for the time you have set for the filter cycles.

Set the filter cycles during hours with lower electricity prices and the heater will only heat during that time. With that setting, you can drop the temperature in your bath, so when you want to bathe, you change the setting to ready mode and the bath will then start and heat up to the temperature you have set.


Check your installation for any voids in the insulation. If you have built the utility box yourself, make sure it is well insulated. Also insulate hoses that go outside the bath.

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Turn off the bath

You can turn off the bath during the winter to save energy. Drain all water and store filter, pump and heater in a dry and frost-free area. If you can’t bring the heater, filter and pump inside, make sure it’s dry and moisture-free during the winter. Loosen all connections and blow the hoses dry. Note that you lose the warranty if the technology installation is left outdoors and freeze damage occurs.

What do we do with our bath?

As we have hourly billing for our electricity, we will use the Rest mode. We will have a purification cycle of four hours between twelve and four at night when electricity is generally cheaper and during that time the bath will be heated if necessary.

As we mostly bathe around eight o’clock in the evening, we will set a purification cycle of one hour at seven o’clock, if the bath has then lost a degree during the day, the bath will have time to warm up about two degrees before we bathe. We will adjust the times for the cleaning cycle and the heating a little depending on how much we bathe and how cold it is outside. If we know that we are going to swim in the evening, we will go and check the pool immediately when we get home and then see if and if so how much the pool has lost in temperature. If it loses a little, we can then remove the purification cycle that runs at seven o’clock and make do with it at night, provided that the water quality keeps up.

Good thing to keep in mind is that if it is cold outside and we are going to swim for an hour, the temperature of the bath may drop (how many degrees depends on, for example, how cold it is outside) while you bathe. If you do not want the bath to drop in temperature, set the bath to Ready mode while you bathe, because then the bath will start if necessary. After the bath, you can change to Rest mode again.

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