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5 tips when installing a terrace pool

Everything you need to think about when building your terrace pool! (or okay, 5 things to think about…)

1. Frame

If you purchase one of our terrace pool packages, a bottom frame for the terrace pool is a must as the material (polytene plastic) is not self-supporting. Either you can easily build the bottom plate yourself in pressure-treated timber, concrete blocks or similar using our drawings and instructional video that are available for each terrace pool, or you can order the terrace pool with full insulation, then the pool has the support it needs. Our insulation options are listed for each model of terrace pool.

If you order our ready-made insulation, you only need to ensure that it is placed on a flat and stable surface, and you do not need to build any additional support for the terrace pool.

2. Ground

When you have decided where to place your terrace pool, it is important to ensure that the foundation is stable and level. A level foundation can be, for example, a concrete slab, a gravel bed, or paving stones. The terrace pool can be built in several ways, and for comfort, we recommend having the pool protrude 20-40 cm above the floor level as it makes getting in and out easier, but it is, of course, a matter of preference.

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If you want to build an electrically heated pool, insulation is a must. We recommend our ready-made insulation packages, which are available for all models. The insulation is made of EPS cell plastic S100 and is 85 mm thick. The packages come in pre-cut pieces that are assembled like a large puzzle in less than an hour. With the insulation package, you do not need to build any additional support for the pool. Alternatively, you can build a support in wood, Leca stone, or similar, which you insulate yourself. Instructions on how to do this are available on our website. If you plan to change the water between each use, you do not need to insulate the pool. For heating purposes, insulation is not necessary as the included insulated cover makes the big difference. (If you are building your pool in a place with very cold winters, however, you may notice a difference in heating time with insulation.)

4. The stove

 If you are planning for one of our wood-fired terrace pools, it is important to consider the placement of the stove. The chimney pipe gets very hot (about 5-600 degrees) and should not be placed near flammable materials. Place the stove so that you can easily and smoothly access to ash it out. Some of our customers have built a storage space for wood in connection with the stove, as only a small amount of wood is needed for each firing, so it may be worth considering how you want to store the wood. Read more about the stoves here.

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5. With or without drain

Keep in mind that when you empty the terrace pool, there is a lot of water that needs to be drained. Do you have a drainage system to lead the water away?

We see a clear increase in the use of submersible pumps instead of drainage, which is quick and easy to lead the water away a bit from the terrace pool.

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