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Alkalinity Up

Increases alkalinity and stabilizes the pH value.

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The package contains 1 kg.

When it comes to adjusting the pH of your spa and dealing with variations after adding pH agents, DELPHIN Spa Alka Up can be a useful solution.

Maintaining a correct pH can be challenging and often low alkalinity is the underlying cause of large fluctuations. Using DELPHIN Spa Alka Up to raise alkalinity stabilizes the pH, making it easier to fine-tune.

The recommended optimal alkalinity value is between 80-120 mg/l. To ensure the best care for your spa water, start by testing the water values regularly. Always test the pH value and disinfection value, and we recommend that you also regularly test the alkalinity value. The frequency of testing depends on the use of the spa, but we recommend testing the water values at least once a week.

The dosage of DELPHIN Spa Alka Up to increase alkalinity by 10 ppm is 20 g (4 teaspoons) per 1000 liters of water. Add this amount to the water and test the alkalinity after 30 minutes. Re-dose if necessary.

To lower the alkalinity, the use of Spa Lowers pH is recommended, but only if necessary and the pH value is already satisfactory. Be careful not to lower the alkalinity if the pH value is within the desired range, as using the Spa Lowers pH can affect the pH value.

To use DELPHIN Spa Alka Up, dissolve the product in a bucket of water and then slowly pour the solution along the edge of the pool or into the bank drain. Remember not to use the same teaspoon for food and never mix this chemical dry with other chemicals. For transportation and storage, keep the product out of reach of children, upright and in its original packaging, in a cool and dark place.


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