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Aquaclarus System

Filtration system for hot tubs and terrace pools that can be hung over the edge.

195 £

Create a clean and healthy water environment with our efficient filtration system Aquaclarus

With our efficient filtration system, you can easily create a clean and healthy water environment in your pool or hot tub. It is easy to use and requires no fittings or connections in the pool or hot tub. It is suitable for smaller pools and hot tubs up to 10 meters and the filter is adjustable in height.

After each swim, simply hang the filtration on the edge and run it for about half an hour to two hours (up to four hours at a time depending on water quality). Impurities are trapped in the filter, which is easily removed and cleaned. The water is drawn from the surface at a rate of 4,000 liters per hour and passes through a “pre-filter” that captures larger particles.

Our filtration system is an environmentally friendly solution for creating a healthy water environment in your pool or hot tub. It is easy to use even in winter as it does not require any insulated hoses as when using, for example, a sand filter. Buy replacement filters so that you always have a clean filter available while the other one is being cleaned.

How to install the filtration system


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