Made in Sweden for the Nordic climate

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The Brilliant is a beautiful instantly heated outdoor bathtub perfect for two people.

Quickly heated, it can be placed anywhere and has a wide panel for a timeless feel. Slide into the warm water with your favorite person – gaze at the starry sky and feel how relaxing it is to just be. Sit long and comfortable in the Brilliant, the comfortable hot tub for two.

All you have to do is fill it with water and then press a button – the water heats up to a nice bathing temperature and you can jump in. Because you use gas, the heating is completely smoke-free and you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

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Made in Sweden in the highest quality
We make our hot tubs ourselves and know that they are climate durable.

Climate-smart with features that resist external stresses. Simply put, sustainable.

 Spacious with plenty of legroom
You can sit comfortably without freezing your shoulders, deep hot tub with comfortable amount of legroom.
Available to try in our Showroom
All hot tubs are available to “test drive” in Gävle.

  • Plastic insert in hygienic polythene plastic

  • Iron vitrol treated panel

  • Gas heater & trolley

  • Fully covered bottom

  • Couplings and pump

  • Installed hoses

  • Installed drain

Technical specification

  • Room for

    2 adults and 2 children
  • Width x length

    193x93 cm
  • Seat depth

    63 cm
  • Volume

    ca 600 L
  • Weight

    ca 80 kg
Execution The panel Iron vitriol treated panel with wide panels. The insert The plastic is rotationally molded in a durable, maintenance-free and UV-resistant polyethylene plastic. The plastic is virtually indestructible and has an estimated lifespan of more than 40 years. The plastic can withstand heat up to 130 degrees and down to -50 degrees. It is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. The insert comes in a beautiful dark grey color with a stone effect. The stove With flow-through tubes, the heat absorption capacity is excellent. The material is marine aluminum, which also provides maximum heat conduction. The stove is designed and manufactured by us at Swedish hot tubs. Water-coated stove that heats through self-circulation. The water in the stove is drained using a drain plug. Construction Iron vitriol-treated wood panel Planed and tongued and grooved panel where each plank is painted separately to provide the best possible protection. The iron vitriol gives a grayer color over time. Full bottom with drain The hot tub has a full bottom made of wood. This gives you a stable and insulating bottom. In other words, energy efficient. Mounted drain with bottom plug for easy emptying of the tub.  

Brilliant – Gas fired bathtub

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