Made in Sweden for the Nordic climate

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Perfect in a densely populated area

Ideal for a densely populated neighborhood with gardens and houses next to each other. As the hot tub is heated with gas, there is no need for wood burning and the heating is completely free of smoke and smoke smell. To reach a comfortable 38 degrees, it takes about 4-5 kg of gas, although of course it depends on the starting temperature. The water is warmer on a summer evening than on a winter evening, for example. The gas heater is 36 kW and is CE marked. It is simple, effective and above all safe to use. Good to know is that the pump for the gas heater requires access to an electrical outlet.

The hot tub comes with a built-in elevation that can be used either as an extra seat or as a step to make it easier to get in and out of the hot tub. All you have to do is fill the tub with water and turn on the gas heater and the water will soon heat up. Buy and use the insulated lid on the tub to speed up the heating process. 38 degrees is the perfect temperature to slip into, whatever the season.


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Made in Sweden in the highest quality
We make our hot tubs ourselves and know that they are climate durable.
 Oil-glazed panel
Treated one by one to resist external stresses. Simply sustainable.
 Spacious with plenty of legroom
You can sit comfortably without freezing your shoulders, deep hot tub with comfortable amount of legroom.
Available to try in our Showroom
All hot tubs are available to “test drive” in Gävle.

  • Plastic insert in hygienic polythene plastic

  • Gas heater & trolley

  • Oil glaze treated wood panel

  • Stainless steel straps

  • Pump and couplings

  • Fully covered bottom

  • Installed drain

  • Installed hose

Technical specification

  • Room for

    5-7 persons
  • outer diameter

    179 cm
  • Seating height

    31 cm
  • Volume

    ca 1450 L
  • Weight

    ca 130 kg


The panel Oil glazed wood panel mounted on a solid and fully covered base. Choose to have your hot tub extra insulated if you want to keep your water between baths. The insert The plastic is rotationally molded in a durable, maintenance-free and UV-resistant polyethylene plastic. The plastic is virtually indestructible and has an estimated lifespan of more than 40 years. The plastic can withstand heat up to 130 degrees and down to -50 degrees. It is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. The insert is available in beautiful dark gray with stone effect, the stone effect makes dirt and sea water less visible in the hot tub. Gas heater The gas heater has automatic ignition and needs a water flow of at least 7 l/min to be activated. The stove has a digital temperature display for incoming water and is CE marked. A specially designed trolley is included so that you can easily take out your gas heater when it's time to bathe. Circulation pump, hose and couplings are included. What you need to purchase is a gas tube with gas and a reduction valve for the gas tube.  

Easy – Gas fired hot tub

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