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Hardness Up

Hardness Up is used to increase the calcium content/hardness of the pool water.

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The package contains 1 kg.

Spa Hardness Up is used to increase the calcium hardness of the pool water, especially if you have “soft water”. Increasing the hardness reduces the risk of corrosion of the metal components in the pool. Water hardness is mainly affected by minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and the ideal total hardness should be between 150-250 mg/l. Water with very low hardness levels can be corrosive.

Spa Hardness Up adds calcium to the water to increase hardness and ensure a stable level of hardness.

To use the product, first measure the hardness of the water. If adjustment is needed, dissolve Spa Hardness Up in a bucket of water. Add 10 grams of Spa Hardness Up per 1000 liters of pool water to increase the hardness by 10 ppm. Spread the specified amount of Spa Hardness Up in the water. After dosing, test the hardness again after 30 minutes. If you are not satisfied, dose again as needed. The use of Spa Hardness Up gives you control over the hardness level of your pool water for an optimal bathing experience.




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