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Metal magic

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Metal magic removes copper, iron, calcium and other metals from the pool water, pool bottom and walls without emptying the pool. It also reduces the overall hardness of the water.

  • 1 Liter

Use: Make sure the pH is above 7.5.

Removal of deposits and metal ions:
Dose 0.2-0.5 liters of MetalMagic per 10m3 of water evenly in the water with the circulation pump running. Let the filter run for at least 48 hours. Metals and lime are precipitated and stuck in the filter. Then backwash the filter. Check and adjust the pH value to 7.0-7.4.

Removal of dry metal and lime deposits:
Leave a sponge or cloth soaked with MetalMagic on the stain for at least one hour. It will then wash off easily.

Not recommended for our stainless steel hot tubs

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