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pH-negative 1 kg

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pH-negative, granules 1 kg

pH-negative (sodium bisulphate) reduces the pH of the water.

You need to measure the pH in your electrically heated terrace pool if you use chlorine or bromine. You measure the pH of your terrace pool with a pH tester. Disinfectants work best within a narrow pH range. The pH value of the pool should always be between 7.0 and 7.4. Too low a pH value can cause damage to the pool, e.g. piping. Too high a pH value can lead to e.g. skin irritation and lime precipitation and also make it difficult to disinfect the spa.

High pH (alkaline water) results in:
– poorer chlorine disinfection
– skin irritation
– lime precipitation
– turbidity

Low pH (acidic water) produces:
– aggressive water, which damages the pool’s mechanical components
– irritated eyes and
– damage to the bath

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