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PVC pipe 50 mm

PVC pipe 50mm, supplied in one meter lengths.
Price per meter

17 £

High quality PVC pipes for your projects – 50 mm

High quality PVC pipes for your projects – 50 mm

PVC pipe, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most common materials used to construct water and wastewater piping systems. PVC pipes are made of plastic and are known for their durability, flexibility and resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

The PVC pipe is 50mm. They are easy to install and connect to other pipes and connections. PVC pipes are also easy to maintain, as they are resistant to most types of damage and wear.

One of the main advantages of PVC pipes is that they are very cost-effective. They are cheaper than many other materials used to build piping systems and require less maintenance, making them a popular choice for both large and small projects.

PVC pipes are also environmentally friendly. Made from a recyclable plastic, they can be recycled and used again at the end of their lifespan. PVC pipes also require less energy to manufacture than many other materials, making them a sustainable choice.

In summary, PVC pipes are a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective choice for any project that requires water and wastewater management. Whether you need to connect pipes for a pool or build a large sewage system, PVC pipes are an excellent choice to meet your requirements and needs.

Sold in 1 meter lengths

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