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PVC pipe, T-pipe 90° 50mm

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T-pipes 90° – an important part of the piping system

T-pipes 90° are an essential part of the piping system for water, sewage, ventilation or other types of piping. These pipes have a T-shaped design with a 90 degree angle, which allows them to be connected to other pipes in a flexible way.

Creating a flexible and stable connection with 90° T-pipes

A major advantage of 90° T-pipes is that they can be used to create a straight and stable connection between two pipelines. This prevents pipelines from being damaged or bent, ensuring that water or other liquids can flow freely through the pipes.

T-pipes 90° are available in different sizes and materials, depending on the type of piping they will be used for. Common materials include PVC, metal or composite, all of which are suitable for different purposes.

In order to ensure a safe and tight connection between 90° T-pipes and other pipes, it is important to use the correct fittings and comply with applicable piping standards. This will help prevent leaks and other problems with the piping system.

If you need to install a new piping system or repair an existing one, T-pipe 90° is a good choice to create a flexible and stable connection.

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