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Scuba test

140 £

Electronic pool test for measuring free chlorine, total chlorine, alkalinity, pH, stabilizer. Provides a digital value. Includes 10 tablets for each measurement.

The Scuba tester is your reliable partner for fast and accurate water analysis. Immerse in water and easily fill the integrated sample chamber. Add fast-dissolving test tablets and let the photometric measurement begin. The results are clearly presented on the digital screen.

Measuring ranges for Scuba 2:

  • Chlorine: 0.1-6.0 mg/l
  • pH: 6.5-8.4
  • Cyanuric acid: 1-160 mg/l
  • Total alkalinity: 0-300 mg/l
  • Bromine: 0.2-13.5 mg/l

This water-resistant device combines ease of use with precision. The digital display provides instant and clear results. The Scuba 2 is designed to make pool water analysis simple and effective. Comes complete with battery and test tablets so you’re ready to start your water analysis right away.

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