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Spa pipe cleaner

Clean the pipes and hose when changing the water to prevent bacterial growth in the pipes.

18 £

The package contains 1 liter of liquid spa pipe cleaner that is dosed directly into the pool water.

Instructions for use

Before you start cleaning, fill the spa pool with water. Then add 0.5 liters of Spa Pipe Cleaner per 1000 liters of spa water to the water. Then circulate the water (if you have a bubble system, turn the bubbles on) for 10-15 minutes before turning off, draining the water and rinsing the spa thoroughly. Feel free to rinse into the hoses you have access to. If you have plenty of water, feel free to fill the bath once more with fresh water, run the same procedure for a while and drain again, as there may be residue left in the system.

Then refill the bath and do a shock chlorination. Replace filter balls.

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