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SpaCare Oxybox

Disinfection for your bath with active oxygen.

66 £

Do you want to experience a clean and fresh feeling in your spa pool without having to deal with the strong smell of chlorine and bromine?

Then the SpaCare OxyBox is the perfect choice for you!

With this amazing system, you no longer have to worry about harsh chemicals that can irritate your eyes and skin. Instead, you can enjoy a pleasantly odorless alternative that provides a great feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

With SpaCare OxyBox you get three products that together form a complete solution to keep your spa clean and fresh. Active Oxygen Granular and Oxy Plus Activator Liquid work together to effectively disinfect the water and remove dirt and bacteria. And with the test strips, you can easily measure the water’s pH value to ensure it is in balance.

With SpaCare OxyBox, you can feel safe and comfortable using your spa pool, while enjoying a wonderful feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

This is how you use SpaCare OxyBox:

First, add SpaCare Active Oxygen Granular directly to the water when the water circulation is on. If you have just filled the pool water, add 30 ml of Active Oxygen Granular per 1000 liters of water. Then you need to maintain the bath water by adding 15 ml per 1000 liters of water. You can already bathe after only 10 minutes!

If you are not going to use the bath for several days, add 30 ml of SpaCare Active Oxygen Granular per 1000 liters after the bath to disinfect the water.

It is important that you check the pH value of the water with test strips and adjust it if necessary to obtain perfect bathing water.

If you have bathed a lot or have missed dosing, you can quickly ensure good water quality by combining SpaCare Oxybox with chlorine.


The box you buy contains three products, Active Oxygen Granular, Oxy Plus Activator Liquid and a set of test strips.

Should not be used if you have a stove connected to the bath.



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