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To prepare before your hot tub is delivered

When you have placed your order, there are a few things that may be good to think about before your hot tub arrives.

Where should the hot tub be?

Find a suitable location for the hot tub, bearing in mind that you will have to get there with water. If you have ordered a hot tub with gas heating, you also need to have the possibility of electricity in connection with your bath. A wood-burning bath with lighting also needs electricity. The surface should be flat and stable The water level will otherwise become icy. If the hot tub is to stand on the lawn, we recommend laying out 6-8 paving stones under the bottom bars of the hot tub so that it stands as well as possible. Paving stones can be bought at most hardware stores.

bain à remous pour la famille

Delivery to the plot boundary

It can be good to prepare a friend or neighbor if carrying help, the hot tub is not heavier than four people can carry. The hot tub comes folded up on a pallet and if you want to carry it, it is easiest to open the outer packaging plastic to pick out loose parts and then fold the hot tub down and carry it in place. Do not remove the plastic draped over the edge of the hot tub before the hot tub is wiggled down from the pallet.

It is not common, but unfortunately it happens that some baths have shipping damage. It is very important that you check your bath upon delivery before the driver leaves. If you have shipping damage, the driver must sign the delivery note. Then photograph the damage and contact us immediately (within 5 days of received delivery) at

If you cannot be found at the time of delivery, it will be a toll run and you will then be charged for this. If you cannot receive your bath within 8 days of notification, you will also be charged terminal rent.

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