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Maintenance advice for electric heated terrace pool

Read about how to take care of your pool.

Plastic insert

Our terrace pools have a plastic insert made of polyethylene plastic. Cleaning is done if necessary using a cloth and possibly some mild detergent without surfactants.

Filters and filter balls

The filter and a set of filter balls are included in our terrace pool packages.

The pressure gauge on your filter indicates when you need to change the filter balls. However, you may need to change the filter balls even before the pressure changes, as the pressure depends on how far the pump is from the pool and at what height the pump is compared to the pool. Your normal pressure on the pressure gauge is what is shown when you start the pool for the first time.

The filter balls need to be changed when they become dirty, so you need to keep an eye on the filter balls so that you change them before they get too dirty. A good tip may therefore be to have two sets of filter balls so that you can wash one while the other is in use. You need to throw away the filter balls when they lose their shape or become stringy.

Water hygiene

You need to add a bactericidal agent to your bathwater. We recommend Biocool’s chlorine-free pool disinfection, active oxygen, or chlorine suitable for hot tubs. If you use chlorine, it is important that it is of good quality and that you follow the dosage carefully, as overdosing can damage your bath. Do not use saltwater.

You will need to test and possibly adjust the pH of your water. Some water can also be too hard or too soft, in which case it is important that you test the water and adjust these values to avoid damaging the bath.

Poor circulation and/or too little bactericidal agent can promote growth in the water. If there is significant growth, you may need to empty your bath and clean all the parts in the water, as well as change the filter balls. For somewhat lower growth, some form of pool shock can help the water recover.

It is important that you get to know your bath and the dosage of bactericidal agent, as well as the frequency of water and filter ball changes, depending on how the bath is used. Whether you have many people bathing frequently or few people bathing infrequently affects the water quality, and whether it is in the middle of summer or winter also affects how often and how much bactericidal agent you need to add. It is always advisable to shower before bathing, as skin particles are something that can quickly dirty the water.

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