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Advantages of an electric hot tub – enjoy a relaxing moment with an electric heated hot tub

If you want to be able to bathe exactly when you want, electric heating for your hot tub is the most flexible option.

A common perception is that it is expensive to keep a terrace pool/hot tub warm all year round, it doesn’t have to be that way. Below we cover tips to get as low a cost as possible and other good things to know about electrically heated terrace pools and hot tubs.

Do I need to insulate the bath?

If you want an electrically heated bath, the answer is yes – insulation is a must.

We recommend our ready-made insulation packages, which are available for all our terrace pool models. The insulation is made of EPS foam and is 85 mm thick. The packages come in pre-cut pieces that can be assembled in under an hour. With the insulation package, you don’t need to build any additional support for the terrace pool, but can place the insulation with the pool directly on a flat and stable surface.

Alternatively, you can build a support structure in wood, concrete blocks, or similar, which you can insulate yourself. Drawings and instructional videos on how to make this are available on all product pages.

Placement of electric heater and filter

When building a terrace pool, it’s important to think about where the electric heater, pump, and filter should be placed, as these parts take up some space (about 100x70cm). These parts also need to be placed in some form of insulated box, and there is a ready-made technical box available for purchase that is designed for these parts. It’s also possible to build a similar box yourself. It’s important that the box is well insulated as the temperature inside the technical box should not drop below ten degrees Celsius.

Make sure there is a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in the home. The electric heater and filter must be placed so that they are submerged under the water surface so that no air enters the system. Also, make sure that it’s easy to access and service these parts. The system is designed to be located directly adjacent to the bath, and the pump can be placed a maximum of 1 meter from the bath. If it needs to be located further away, the pump must be upgraded to a larger model. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before installing these parts. All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified electrician.

User friendly

Thanks to the included display, you can easily set the desired water temperature and when the water should be cleaned. It’s possible to purchase a Wi-Fi control that allows you to set these settings through the Balboa app on your phone.

During use

When you bathe and lift the insulated cover, heat is lost from the water. Therefore, it’s good to know that when you bathe and it’s cold outside, the heater needs to add heat during use. At temperatures below freezing, approximately 3-5 kW per hour is required to maintain the original temperature. To keep the water warm during use, it’s important that the heater for your pool is properly sized. If you plan to use the pool frequently during the winter, we recommend choosing a 6 kW heater if possible. For primarily summer and spring use, a 3 kW heater is sufficient. Learn more about consumption for our terrace pools here.

Combine wood and electric heating in your hot tub - important things to consider

Combining wood and electric heating in your hot tub or terrace pool is a possibility, but it is important to consider certain things. Many end up just choosing to use one option. If you want to use electric heating, you need a sand filter with a pump to circulate the water through the electric heater. In addition, the facility must be insulated.

Our hot tubs with electric heating are equipped with a sand filter and a pump that circulates the water through the electric heater. In addition, the facility is insulated to retain heat and reduce operating costs. But if you also want to use wood burning as an alternative, it is possible. However, we recommend that you carefully consider your needs before choosing to combine the two options.

Use of stove in electrically heated hot tub

Connecting an external heater to an electrically heated hot tub is possible, but there are important things to consider. Among other things, the stove must be disconnected when not in use during the winter months to prevent the water from freezing. You can easily disconnect the stove by putting bottom plugs in the connections and then draining the stove, while keeping water in the hot tub/terrace pool. You cannot use chlorine as a disinfectant, but need to choose one of our chlorine-free disinfectants for a hot tub with electricity and wood as heating.

Wood-fired hot tubs vs. terrace pools – differences in insulation and running costs

Our wood-fired hot tubs are equipped with insulation that prolongs the time it takes for ice to form in the water without heating during the winter. However, if you want to use electric heating in a wood-fired hot tub, you should be aware that operating costs can be high due to the lack of insulation.

Therefore, our terrace pools are more suitable for combining with a hot tub with electric and wood heating. For our terrace pools, insulation packages are available that ensure that the operation of a hot tub with electric and wood heating does not risk getting out of hand.

Whether you choose to use only electric heating or combine it with wood-fired heating, you can be sure that our hot tub with electric heating will provide you with a relaxing and comfortable experience all year round.

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