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Which stove is really the best?

The short answer is, the one you like. The main difference is therefore aesthetic. There are of course some differences and we will address them below.

Internal/external stove

We offer two different stove models for our hot tubs: one inside and one outside of the hot tub. Our internal stove is designed to take up minimal space in the hot tub, with a triangular shape and a slim stove cover that allows more people to enjoy the bath. Although the stove guard is only 2.5 cm from the stove, you can lean against it without risking burns. On the other hand, our outdoor stove frees up more space in the hot tub and can be beneficial if you want to use the hot tub as a cooling pool during the summer.

To burn and ash out

When it comes to burning and ashing, our outdoor stove is generally easier to maintain because it is located next to the hot tub and can easily be removed with a regular ash shovel. To remove ash from our internal stove, we recommend a coarse vacuum cleaner or an ash shovel with a long handle. Please read our article on fire tips for more information.

Winter use

During winter use, all our hot tubs must be emptied of water if there is a risk of the water freezing. If you have a hot tub with an outside heater, the heater and hoses will freeze much faster than the water in the hot tub. Hot tubs with an internal stove therefore last longer before they freeze. If you want water in your hot tub for a longer period of time in the winter, our internal stove is therefore easier to handle. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to having water left in the hot tub when the water freezes. Before starting a fire in the external stove in winter, you must check that no hoses or the stove have frozen. Otherwise, you risk damaging the stove.

Chimney protection

We also offer chimney pipe heat protection as an accessory for both of our stove models. The pipe can get very hot when burning, up to 600 degrees, so it is important to protect yourself and others from burns.

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