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Care advice for your hot tub

To give your hot tub the opportunity for as long a life as possible, it is important to take care of its various parts.

The wooden panel

When you receive your hot tub, all panel pieces are individually painted before the hot tub is assembled. The painting is done that way to give the best protection you can get against the elements. We use a high quality oil glaze for all hot tubs independent color choice. We use the oleic acid for our panel as we want a more vivid result where the grain in the panel can shine through the color in a natural way.

In order to have continued protection for your panel, it is required that you treat your panel afterwards. How often you should treat your panel depends a little on how exposed your hot tub is to the weather and wind, a good basic recommendation is one treatment a year. We recommend using an oil glaze, either transparent or with a similar color for best results.

The stove

We have two different models of stoves, a triangular-shaped internal stove and an external stove. You regularly remove these ashes with the help of an ash shovel or a coarse vacuum cleaner. If there is too much ash in the stove, the circulation and heating time can be negatively affected.

It is important to make sure that the hot tub is completely filled with water before you start the fire, otherwise the plastic insert and/or the stove may break. Also make sure the fire and all embers are out and the stove is cold before draining the water from your bath.

To get the best heating time, we recommend that you keep the insulated lid on while you fire.

The plastic insert

Our hot tubs have a plastic insert made of polyethylene plastic. Cleaning is done if necessary using a cloth and possibly some mild detergent without surfactants.

The gas heater

For the best use, it is important that you read the manual for your gas heater before you start using the bath. It is then good to periodically check between rooms that all hoses and the regulator are intact and look good.

The filter for the pump on the gas heater must be cleaned after each bath, if you use very dirty water (e.g. sea water) the filter may need to be cleaned during heating as well. We recommend that you fill your bath with tap water.

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Winter use

If you do not empty your hot tub after each bath, it is important to keep an eye so that the water does not freeze, no guarantees apply if you keep the water in the hot tub and there will be damage from the water freezing. We therefore recommend always emptying your bath of water when it is cold outside if you do not have the opportunity to keep an eye on the water.

If you have a wood-fired hot tub and your bath is insulated and you have an insulated lid on, the water can stay ice-free for up to a month after you have heated the water, in some cases you may need to maintain the fire in between. Here, however, it is important to remember that if you have an external stove, this needs to be disconnected from the bath so that it is emptied of water, as the water in the stove and the hoses freezes faster than the water in the hot tub. You can disconnect the stove by putting bottom plugs in the holes for the connections, then you can empty the stove and hoses of water.

If you have a gas-heated hot tub, you must empty the water from the hot tub after your bath during the winter. You must also ensure that the water flows out of the hoses so that they do not freeze. The gas heater and the gas must be stored in a frost-free area when not in use. If it is very cold outside, it is also important to keep an eye on the gas heater while it is heating, if, for example, the gas runs out or freezes during heating, the gas heater will stop, and there is a risk that the hoses will freeze if you do not have the gas heater under supervision. Also keep in mind that the battery in the gas heater runs out faster during the winter and therefore needs to be changed more often.

Maintenance of the water

If you fill your bath, heat it up and then drain it, you generally don’t need to add any germicide. If you use water that you know contains bacteria before heating, you need to add a bactericidal agent, we recommend biocools clear my pool water.

If you use the same water more than once, you should add a bactericidal agent, we recommend bio cools clear my pool water. To remove dirt, there is the Aquaclarus purifier which you can hang on the edge of your bath and which you let run for a couple of hours before and after you bathe. It removes the surface dirt and, in combination with a bactericidal agent, you can keep the water for up to two months.

To keep the water clean from dirt, it is good to shower before bathing.

The stoves and the gas heater cannot withstand chlorine or disinfectants with corrosive substances in them. The guarantee on the hot tub only applies to the use of biocool’s disinfectant.

If you leave the water in the hot tub between your baths, it is important that you keep an eye on and test the pH, the hardness of the water and the alkalinity. If you have the wrong values ​​for the water, it can damage above all the stove on your hot tub. Our stoves are also equipped with a sacrificial anode, these are added to protect the stove from attack. It is important to check and clean/replace the sacrificial anode as needed.

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