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Terrace pool the guide

Which model suits you?

We have three different sizes of our terrace pools, all so that you can find one that suits you.

Winter spa and summer pool in one

What our terrace pools have in common is that they have everything you could want from a year-round pool. The rounded interior with comfortable seating means you can both sit and swim around. Optimal for summer parties as well as sitting several times in the winter and feeling the cold against your face while your body is caressed by the warm water. A wonderful contrast! Choose between electric, wood and gas heating

Round model – pool and hot tub in one


Sometimes it’s nice to be able to combine simplicity and luxury in one. Then terrace pool Prime comes in handy. The terrace pool, which can be called a combo between mini pool and hot tub. The handy size is perfect for a love bath or for bathing with a smaller group of friends. The pool holds 5-7 people. Choose between electricity, gas and wood heating.


Classic terrace pool is an optimal wood-fired outdoor pool for one, two or more when you want a little extra romance or spend some time with someone you like. It accommodates a total of 4-6 people. This model has an internal stove.

Octagonal model – the family-friendly terrace pool


Are you part of a large family or are you in the habit of often being visited by guests? Then you should bet on the octagonal Grand terrace pool. It is a large model and gives both a spacious and aesthetically pleasing impression on the balcony. Set up parties, pool parties and warm barbecue evenings and bathe 8-10 people! Choose between the heating options electricity, wood and gas.


Comfort is the word that sums up the Comfort terrace pool from Svenska Badtunnor. This terrace pool accommodates both smaller and larger groups of up to 8 people and provides memorable bathing moments in all seasons. A slightly higher seat height contributes to increased comfort that means you never want to get up. Comfort comes with an internal stove.

Oval model - bring the ocean home with you


Have you ever been on a trip and wished you could take a piece of the beach experience home with you? With our Pacific you can do that, at least to a small extent. We have developed a terrace pool for approx. 10-12 people that gives you the feeling of swimming in a smaller swimming pool. Is this, if anything, the height of luxury?

Electricity, gas or wood?

Which heating option suits you best depends on a number of different factors.

Ask yourself the questions:

  • How often do I want to bathe?

  • How will the pool be used?

  • What access do I have to wood/gas/electric?

  • How often do you have the opportunity to change the water?

    If you want to be able to jump in a bath whenever you want, the electric option is the absolute best. The idea with the electric heating is that you will have the bath warm all year round. If you are careful with the insulation, the electricity cost will not feel like a big burden on the electricity bill. You will find our electrically heated terrace pools here.

Wood burning usually takes 2-4 hours (slightly longer to pacific) If you like wood burning, have access to a lot of wood or maybe want to have the bath at a cabin there but don’t have access to so much electricity, these baths are perfect. If you have access to lake water, just fill up the pool, heat it up and empty it out when the stove has cooled down. If you use the bath in this way, you don’t have to think about insulating the pool. If you don’t want to empty the pool after each bath, you can always combine with a purification plant, the best option for wood pools is an Aquaclarus that is hung on the edge and cleans for a couple of hours after each bath, then it is taken in after use. Combine this with a chlorine-free germicide and you can have the same bath water for up to 1 month. You can find our wood-fired terrace pools here.

It is excellent to keep the water in a wood-fired bath even in winter. Insulate the pool substantially, preferably with our ready-made insulation packages for the best insulating effect. The water can stay frost-free for up to a month. In colder winters, maintenance fires may need to be lit once a week, so we recommend keeping an eye on the water. If you choose an external stove, you may need to disconnect the stove from the pool water as the water in the stove freezes faster than in the bath, we therefore recommend choosing an internal stove if you want to keep the water on even in the winter and have wood burning as heating. Keep in mind that no guarantees apply if something freezes in the south so keep an eye on the water so it doesn’t freeze.

Gas is used in the same way as a wood stove, but you avoid the smoke, which makes it well suited for densely built-up areas. However, keeping the water in winter can be a bit more inappropriate as you should not leave gas and the heater outside at sub-zero temperatures. You can find our gas heated baths here.

3 or 6 kw electric heater?

Which heater you need depends on how you intend to use the bath as well as where in the country you live and which of our models you choose. If you know you want to swim a lot when it’s -10 or colder, we recommend you choose a 6 kW heater.

In our tests with a Pacific with a 3 kW heater and full insulation that we had set to 39 degrees in an outdoor temperature of -10 degrees, the bath had lost a degree after an hour of bathing. After two hours of bathing, the bath had dropped another half degree and was down to 37.5 degrees. In this case, it would have worked better with a 6 kW heater that can keep the heat.

Consumption cost electrically heated bath

The cost of consumption depends on how well you insulate and how cold it is outside. We have Sweden’s best insulation for our terrace pools. It is at least 85 mm thick and made of EPS.

During the winter of 2022, we have done extensive tests on a Grand and Pacific to see the consumption of our baths. You can read more about consumption in our baths here.

Do I need to insulate the bath?

If you want an electrically heated bath, the answer is yes – insulation is a must.

We recommend our ready-made insulation packages, which are available for all models. The insulation is made of EPS cellular plastic and has a better insulating value than traditional cellular plastic that you find in most construction markets. It is at least 85 mm thick and at most 390 mm thick. The packages come in pre-cut pieces that are assembled like a large puzzle in less than an hour. With insulation packages, you do not need to build any additional support for the pool. Alternatively, you build a support in wood, Lecast or similar that you insulate yourself. Drawing and instructional video on how this can be done can be found on the website. If you change the water between each bath, you do not need to insulate the pool. For the sake of the heating time, the insulation is not needed, where the supplied insulated cover makes the big difference. (If you build your bath in northern Sweden with really cold winters, you may notice a difference in the heating time with insulation, however) If, on the other hand, you want to keep the water warm for a longer period of time, we recommend insulating the pool as the temperature will hold much better.

Sea water

Our baths can be perfectly filled with water from the lake. Seawater has a tendency to leave behind small grains of sand or cloudier water, choose the darker stone effect to “hide” the cloudiness. If you have very poor water quality, you may need to have disinfectant already before you bathe for the first time so that bacteria that may already be in the water will die before you bathe.


The stoves must be removed periodically between rooms. The external stove is most easily removed with an ash shovel. The internal stove with an ash shovel with a long handle or a coarse vacuum cleaner.

The gas heater’s connections and hoses should be checked regularly between rooms so that there is no wear or the like over time. The filter for the pump must be cleaned after each bath.

Filtrationsystem with pump. Check the pressure on the filter. At high pressure, the filter balls need to be replaced. The filter balls may need to be changed despite unchanged pressure, keep an eye on your filter balls and change them when they look stale. A tip is to have two sets of filter balls and wash and dry one while the other is in use. If they are hard or ugly, throw them away and replace them with new ones. If you use lake water, this may need to be done more often, whether or not you shower before bathing also has a big impact on water purification.

In our terrace pool packages with electricity and treatment plant, filter balls are included as standard precisely to avoid the backwashing of the filter.

How do I build in the bath?

The most important thing to think about is that the weight of the bath ends up on the floor and the sitting surface, which is where support is needed. If you buy the bath with full insulation, the bath has all the support it needs. You then only need to assemble the insulation and place the insulation and the bath on a flat and stable surface.

Alternatively, you can build a support in wood, Lecasten or similar. A drawing with measurements can be found on the website, as well as an instructional video on how to build the support yourself in wood. The walls and upper edge of the pool are not load-bearing and can therefore be built in according to taste.

The bath must be placed on a flat and stable surface, otherwise the water level will be skewed. Also bear in mind that the external stove and electric heater with filter must be placed below the upper water level. Also keep in mind that it should be easy to access and service all parts.

Some advantages of our terrace pools

Internal stove

Slim, self-designed internal stove that provides more space and a high degree of heating. Made of marine aluminum for better thermal conductivity. Two meters of flue pipe included as standard.

External stove

External stove with several advantages, including through-flow pipe in the upper part that provides the best heating and three-part grate for easy cleaning and optimal air intake. Made of marine aluminum which conducts heat better. Nice final finish with powder coating for the design aspect. Two meters of flue pipe are included as standard.

The plastic insert

Environmentally friendly and extra durable interior made of pleasant plastic that can withstand a temperature between 130 and -50 degrees. Available in two color variants.

Insulated lids

Foldable thermal lid that keeps the heat well and with a two-digit code as security. Smart and safe for you who have children! Included in all terrace pool packages.


Ergonomic seats with tilting backrests attract both short and longer bathing sessions.

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