Made in Sweden for the Nordic climate

Wooden hot tub

We love wood-burning hot tubs with wood panels.

Sinking into a steaming hot tub does something to both body and soul. The smell of birch wood and resin, the fire in the stove and the warmth that quickly finds its way into the body is truly quality of life. Sparkling stars in the winter sky and warm breath meeting the winter cold add another dimension.

If you sit in the hot tub with nice company, family and friends, it happens that several hours pass before you get up. Then it is important to have a good sitting position, our baths are therefore carefully adapted to have the best possible sitting comfort. All our hot tubs are adapted for the Swedish climate. The stoves make sure to heat the water quickly to 38 degrees even on the coldest winter evening.

All hot tubs have a wooden panel in durable Swedish spruce. In order to have a hygienic bath, we have no wood in our hot tubs. If you have wood in the hot tub, there is a big risk of bacteria accumulating in the wood pores, which is not good at all. All of our hot tubs have an inside made of hygienic polythene plastic that is almost completely maintenance-free, it is cleaned as needed with only water and possibly a little mild detergent.

If you want an internal stove in your hot tub, we have developed a slim stainless steel stove cover compared to traditional stove covers that are often made of wood. The stove and stove cover have a triangular design in order to take up as little space as possible in the bath and therefore provide more seating.

bain à remous dans la nature de swedish hot tubs

It's that simple

The water in a hot tub is heated with a wood-burning stove, it doesn’t need electricity for pumps or the like, which means you can place the hot tub pretty much anywhere. If you have access to lake or sea water, it is easiest to change the water between baths, but if you want to keep the water in the barrel for a longer time, we have several good options for that. The advantage of a wood-fired bath is that you only need a little wood and water to create a wonderful bathing experience and, above all, it costs nothing when you are not using it.

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