Made in Sweden for the Nordic climate

From backyard lawn to own factory production

The company history of Swedish hot tubs started on a small scale, based on a genuine interest and passion for the craftsmanship behind a hot tub.

Swedish hot tubs AB was founded in 2014 by Joakim, but the journey began much earlier. With an experience in manufacturing and product design, the idea of manufacturing hot tubs was born.

Through Joakim’s interest in manufacturing, he found the technique of rotational molding and thought it was an exciting and suitable way to produce an insert for a hot tub. Through some searching he found a Swedish producer. Through a good collaboration since day one, with their help he got the knowledge he needed to draw and manufacture the first mold for the Grand hot tub.

bathing in a hot tub close to nature

The shape then, as now, was made in-house. Already on day one, we chose the stone effect in the color for our inserts as we believe it is more aesthetically pleasing compared to solid colors.

terrassepool fra swedish hot tubs

Swedish hot tubs through the years


We move from the lawn and garage of Joakim’s parents’ home into a 200 square meter premises.

The Grand insert is born and sold with an internal stove and only as a terrace pool.


We produce another model and the Comfort insert is added to the range. Grand starts to be sold with an external stove and Comfort with a larger internal stove.


Another model is produced and the Classic insert is born.

We now start selling hot tubs with wooden panels.


We launch our first online shop and move to bigger premises.


Two more models will be added to the range: Prime and Pacific.

We are also releasing baths with electric and gas heating as an alternative to wood.


The Nobel and Brilliant bathtubs are added to the range.

We update our electrically heated baths to the Balboa system.


We are moving again to our current premises of just under 2000 square meters where we have the opportunity to grow more freely.

We are investing in machinery and are now starting to offer the terrace pools with our popular insulation package.

We are also robotizing our stove production.




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