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There are some frequently asked questions, such as how long it takes to heat up the hot tub, which wood is best, and how to make a fire in the best way. Below are the answers to the questions that will make you ready to fire like the pros right from the start.


In order to succeed well with the wood fire, it is important that you have the right conditions from the start, so make sure you have the best wood. So which one is it? – Yes, dry birch wood in 30 cm size, then you have the most efficient wood. It is of course possible to burn with any kind of wood, but to get the maximum effect from the stove, birch is the one that applies.

To get a fire going quickly and efficiently, it is best to carve smaller sticks to use in the start-up, you light them most easily with paper or lighter fluid. At the beginning of the fire, it is good not to add too much wood as the fire easily suffocates, which in that case means you have to start the fire again. Once you’ve started the fire, it’s good to be active in your fire, rather go out one extra time and make sure it’s really burning in the stove. Our stoves can be filled with plenty of wood. One tip is to set a timer that rings every 20 minutes to remind you to go out and stock up on firewood. If you let the fire burn down too much between adding wood, it will affect how long it takes to get the bath hot.

A good tip is to start well in advance with your heating, if you know you are going to swim in the evening, you can advantageously fire up the hot tub already during the day, so that when it is time to swim, heat the hot tub quickly to the right temperature.

The draft in the stove

If you have an internal stove, you can use the stove lid as a damper by placing it on the stove opening in different directions and thus control the draft in the stove. Keep the stove lid off at the start of the fire until the fire has caught on properly and is burning properly. When you have got a solid glow bed and it burns well in the stove, put the stove lid on the slant to slow down the oxygen flow and thus maintain maximum power in the stove. If you have the stove lid off during the entire heating time, it will take longer to heat up your outdoor bath as a lot of heat is lost up the flue. If you have an external stove, you can choose to have the stove door a little open to control the draft in the stove and get maximum power through it.

To achieve the right bath temperature

Most people think a comfortable bathing temperature is 37-40 degrees. The most common mistake you make at the beginning is not stopping the fire before you have reached the temperature you want. What then happens is that it gets too hot in the hot tub as the stove continues to heat for a long time after you stop burning. The best tip is therefore to light the fire a little more carefully when you start to approach 30-35 degrees and instead add a stick of wood from time to time while you bathe to maintain the temperature throughout the bath. The hot tub gets hottest on the surface first, if you have an internal stove, it is good to stir the water around during the heating to even out the temperature of the water. The external stove heats the hot tub with the help of self-circulation, what drives the circulation is that the water is hot on the surface and cold at the bottom, therefore you should try to avoid stirring the water while you fire. Stir the water only when the surface temperature is about 45-50 degrees, then the water temperature ends up at about 35 degrees (may differ slightly depending on which model of hot tub you have). After 2-3 firings you usually get a feel for how to do it.

After bathing

Remember that after bathing, do not empty the hot tub immediately, but make sure that the fire is completely extinguished and the stove is cold, if you empty the water before the internal stove is cold, there is a big risk that the stove will burn holes in the plastic. The external stove may melt if the water is drained before the stove has cooled.

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