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Winter use and winter storage of your electrically heated terrace pool

All of our electrically heated terrace pools with full insulation and technology box are adapted so that you can enjoy long baths in all seasons of the year.

het terraszwembad voor iedereen

Winter use of terrace pool

If you have ordered your terrace pool with full insulation, it will hold the heat so well that essentially only when you’re bathing and lifting the cover will your bath cost you money. 

The baths are designed to be kept at a comfortable 38 degrees Celsius throughout the winter. However, if you don’t bathe as often during the winter, you can lower the temperature of the water to, for example, 20 degrees Celsius and then heat it up when you want to bathe.

If you don’t use your bath as much during the winter as you do during the summer, it’s important to remember that you still need to check the pH and chlorine levels. The filter balls also need to be checked regularly, but you can usually tell how often they need to be replaced based on how much and how often you bathe. Read how to replace filter balls here.

If your bath has hoses that go outside the insulation, they need to be insulated if the bath is used at sub-zero temperatures.

Winter storage of terrace pool

If you only use your bath during the warm months and want to close it during the winter, it needs to be winterized.

It is very important that you completely drain the bath of water. Then, the pump, heater, and filter need to be drained and stored in a warm storage area. Therefore, we recommend that you do not leave these parts outside during the winter if you have your bath shut off. Also, make sure that all hoses are drained of water. If you have a bubble system installed, it is very important to check that no water has entered and is still present in any hoses, so blow out the hoses. Also, bring in any bubble pumps to a warm area. If there is any remaining water, it will freeze and there is a high risk that something will break. No warranties apply to such damages.

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